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College Credit Plus Library Resources: Tools and Strategies for School Librarians

Tools and strategies to support research and writing assignments that students complete as part of the College Credit Plus (CCP or CC+) program.

Need to Catalog CCP Textbooks?

If you are adding CCP textbooks to your school library collection, you can copy-catalog many textbooks by pulling in the bib records from the INFOhio Catalog (CRC), Library of Congress (LC), or WorldCat (OCLC). Use the Z39.50 searches available in SmartPort. You can find more information about copy-cataloging in the WorkFlows Handbook. Access the Basic Cataloging section and download the guide for SmartPort - Obtaining Records.


If you have questions about how to do this, contact your INFOhio Provider.

Your School Library

You are your students' and teachers' first resource in finding the tools and materials they need to be successful in their research. Work with your teachers and your college librarian to help your students explore all of the resources that are available to them.

When it comes to print materials, most CCP students will find it easiest to work with the collections you have curated in your high school library. Explore possibilities for resource sharing with a nearby public library or academic library.

INFOhio: The Right Research Resources for All PreK-12 Teachers and Students

INFOhio is Ohio's PreK-12 digital library. All of Ohio's PreK-12 students, their parents, and teachers have access to INFOhio's electronic research resources. You can view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, explore primary source documents, download a host of eBooks, and find rich instructional resources that are aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards and support college and career readiness.

In other words, whether you are working with CCP classes, regular high school classes, or a combination of both, INFOhio is a great place for your students and teachers to start their research.

To search nearly all of INFOhio's trusted electronic resources with a single click, use ISearch. To search INFOhio's electronic databases individually, use the INFOhio Resources link. You may be prompted to log in with your school's INFOhio username and password. Need help remembering your password? Visit INFOhio's Find My Password page.

Curriculum and Instructional Support for School Librarians

For more information on how OhioLINK and INFOhio can help your students and teachers access the most appropriate library tools for them, please visit OhioLINK's College Credit Plus news announcement below.

What You Need to Know to Support Your CCP Students and Teachers in Their Research

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The College Credit Plus program gives you a unique opportunity to collaborate with your cooperating college's academic library. You can improve your students' transition to college by giving them an academic library research experience while they're still in high school. Many of Ohio's academic libraries have First Year Experience Librarians or Outreach Librarians who will work with high school librarians and teachers to provide Ohio's high school seniors and CCP students with an introduction to the college research experience. To find an academic library in your area that provides outreach to high school and CCP students, visit INFOhio's guide to Academic Library Research Visits for High School Students.

You may be asked by your school to be a "facilitator" for a CCP course. Facilitators oversee students taking online CCP courses while at the high school. Facilitators are not considered course instructors and do not have adjunct status with the college or access to the college library resources. However, you can still help your CCP students using INFOhio resources. Additionally, you may want to contact an academic librarian at the college to collaborate on providing research instruction to your CCP students.

Students enrolled in CCP courses and high school teachers teaching CCP courses as adjunct college instructors should have credentials to access the resources available to them through your school library, through INFOhio, and through their college's library. If students or teachers are attempting to log into their college library's research resources and are unable to access them, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Work with the cooperating college to ensure that your users have and are using the proper credentials. Double-check by calling the IT department or library at the cooperating college.
  2. If your users are able to access the college library's electronic resources from home but not from your secondary school, your school may be blocking these resources. If this is the case, work with your school's IT department to make the college's resources available to your users.
  3. As you work to resolve any issues, encourage your students and teachers to use your school library and the INFOhio resources available to them. INFOhio provides research resources for all of Ohio's PreK-12 students and teachers.

OhioLINK Information

OhioLINK is a state-funded consortium of more than 120 Ohio academic libraries and the State Library of Ohio. If your CCP cooperating university is an OhioLINK institution, your CCP students and teachers have many research resources available to them. Students, faculty members, and staff members affiliated with OhioLINK institutions can request materials online, view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, and make use of other OhioLINK services that enhance research and education.

If your CCP cooperating university is an OhioLINK member institution, help your CCP students and teachers find out which electronic databases are available to them here:

For more information on using OhioLINK, including requesting and borrowing print materials, visit the OhioLINK FAQ:

OhioLINK Quick Links:

Contact a librarian at your IHE by finding your IHE on the map. Click the pin for your IHE to view the library's contact information. 

Search OhioLINK's central catalog: