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College Credit Plus Library Resources: Tools and Strategies for Parents

Tools and strategies to support research and writing assignments that students complete as part of the College Credit Plus (CCP or CC+) program.

CCP: What You Need to Know to Support Your Child's Research and Writing

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Your child's public school must annually coordinate with each public and participating private college or university within a 30 mile radius to present a dedicated CCP event to students and parents. This event may include multiple high schools within a district and multiple districts as long as students and parents have the opportunity to ask specific questions and get information from their high school and from representatives from all colleges within a 30 mile radius. 

Be sure to ask questions about the research resources your child can access while completing coursework, including:

  • What resources does my child have access to in his/her secondary school library to support his/her coursework in the CCP program?
  • What does my child need in order to log into electronic resources available through the college's library?
  • Will my child be able to request print materials from the college's library? If so, where will those print materials be delivered?
  • How should my child go about contacting the reference department of the college library for research assistance?

For more information, visit the Ohio Higher Ed University System of Ohio's College Credit Plus page.

INFOhio: The Right Research Resources for All PreK-12 Students

INFOhio is Ohio's PreK-12 digital library. All of Ohio's PreK-12 students, their parents, and teachers have access to INFOhio's electronic research resources. You can view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, explore primary source documents, and download a host of eBooks.

In other words, whether your child is taking CCP classes or regular high school classes, INFOhio is a great place for your child to start his/her research.

Your child can search nearly all of INFOhio's trusted electronic resources with a single click using ISearch. To search INFOhio's electronic databases individually, use the INFOhio Resources link. You may be prompted to log in with your school's INFOhio username and password. Need help remembering your password? Visit INFOhio's Find My Password page. Encourage your child to watch the video about ISearch below to help them decide if that's the right place to start their research.

Your School Library and Librarian

Whether your child is taking CCP classes or regular high school classes, their school librarian can help them find the tools and resources to be successful in their research. 

OhioLINK Information

OhioLINK is a state-funded consortium of more than 120 Ohio university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. Students whose CCP university is an OhioLINK institution have many research resources available to them. Students affiliated with OhioLINK institutions can request materials online, view journal articles online, search authoritative databases, and make use of other OhioLINK services that enhance research and education.

Students taking coursework for college credit through the CCP program are responsible for doing their own research and managing their own research resources and associated accounts. In other words, you may not use your child's account information to log into your child's college library account or request materials for your child. CCP students must contact their college library for assistance themselves. OhioLINK and the college library cannot provide information about accounts to anyone other than the account holder, your CCP student. Please help your child learn the college-readiness skill of using and managing research resources independently and responsibly.

Encourage your child to visit the Tools and Strategies for Students page for information on accessing OhioLINK resources and the Information for Students page which provides tips for using OhioLINK to get ready for class.

For more information on using OhioLINK, including requesting and borrowing print materials, visit the OhioLINK FAQ: