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Guide to INFOhio for Ohio's Academic Librarians: INFOhio Content in Context

Learn about the tools and resources your incoming students have been using in high school.

Content in Context

INFOhio has developed tools, enlists and trains corps of volunteers, and created dedicated staffing positions to put our digital content into context for our users. 

Preparing students for rigorous research

Most of Ohio’s colleges and universities, and now some of Ohio’s public libraries, use a discovery layer. Because everything we do is standards-based, INFOhio is heavily focused on ensuring that Ohio’s students are college and career ready. ISearch is INFOhio's discovery tool. It allows our users to search nearly all of our statewide electronic resources from a single search box. During the 2015-2016 school year, INFOhio is rolling out local implementations of ISearch that include local school catalogs alongside the statewide electronic resources. 

The following tools are designed to take students through the research process in a way that makes sense to them. Go! is designed for use with middle school and high school students. R4S is designed for use with high school students and first and second year college students.

Providing curriculum support for teachers