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Ready for College, Ready for Work, Ready for Success!: School Counselors, Teachers, Administrators

Find tools and strategies to help students be successful on tests like ACT, WorkKeys, and AP, that students take on the pathway to graduation.

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Ohio's Options for a High School Diploma




With Ohio's options for a high school diploma, students in the class of 2018 and beyond can determine which pathway they'll take to demonstrate readiness for college or career:

  1. Content Mastery: earn a sufficient score on end of course exams, AP exams, or college exams.
  2. College Readiness: earn a remediation free score on an approved college entrance exam, such as the ACT.
  3. Workforce Certification: earn sufficient scores on the WorkKeys exam and an industry-recognized credential exam.

This guide is for Ohio students who need to take the ACT, SAT, AP, WorkKeys, or college placement tests.