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INFOhio Blizzard Bags - Grades 9-12: The Science and Math of Social Media

Students follow the six dimensions of inquiry as they read, investigate, and complete the activities. Ohio's learning standards are integrated into the activities.

Food for thought...

Why do we call social media sites like Facebook and Twitter "social networks?" What is a network? Can you use the principles of a physical network and apply them to a virtual social networking site? How are they similar? How are they different? Watch the videos and read the articles below. Use graph theory to create a visual representation of a virtual social network.

The Science and Math of Social Media: Activate Learning

Applying Your Research

Note: In order to complete this activity, you must complete the steps on the "Locating Information" tab.

  1. Refer to step 7 on the "Locating Information" tab in which you found at least one article on the ISearch STEM tab that discusses teens' use of social networking or social networking devices that reports on the results of a research poll or survey and includes the data from that poll or survey. 
  2. Using that article, create a spreadsheet and enter data that would represent the data discussed in the article. For example, if your data discusses a percentage change in social networking site use, create data that equates to that same percentage. How do you calculate percentages of increase or decrease?
  3. Once you have entered your data, use it to create a chart or graph.

Problem Based Learning: Finding Solutions

You have just been hired by an online retailer to connect warehouses in 10 major US cities. Your job is to make a continuous shipping connection between all ten cities for best results. Use the graph theory to create your connections.

  1. Determine which 10 cities you will use and plot them on a map.
  2. Find the distance between each node on the graph and label your nodes.
  3. Answer the following question: what is the fastest connection route for the two nodes farthest apart?