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Guide to INFOhio for Ohio's Academic Librarians: About INFOhio

Learn about the tools and resources your incoming students have been using in high school.

Introduction to INFOhio

Are you considering collaborating with an area high school librarian or providing outreach services to Ohio's PreK-12 community? You need to know about INFOhio! This guide highlights some of the most important information so that you can make the most out of your collaboration and outreach services.

You can access INFOhio resources using the statewide username and password. To obtain the password, please complete the Find My Password form. From the "Who are you?" drop-down, select "I am from a college" and complete the rest of the requested information. If the information you submit can be verified, the statewide username and password will be displayed immediately.

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Providing Academic Library Research Experiences

Recent research shows that students have difficulty transitioning from the high school research environment to the academic research environment. According to "Learning the Ropes: How Freshmen Conduct Course Research Once They Enter College," many college freshmen are, "intimidated by the plethora of print and online sources their college libraries [offer] and uncertain how to access or use them." 

Improve the transition for PreK-12 students to your academic library by giving them an academic library research experience while they're still in high school. Contact the librarians at area high schools and encourage them to bring their students to your library.
If you aren't able to bring an entire high school class to your library, consider the following alternatives:
  • Visit an area high school. You can give the students an introduction to your academic library using a combination of INFOhio resources and your own library-specific information.
  • Encourage area high school students to use your library resources through individual library visits. 
  • Offer a workshop specifically for high school teachers and librarians so they can learn about current trends and practices in academic libraries and take that information back to their students.


INFOhio is Ohio's PreK-12 digital library. If you are familiar with OhioLINK, you can think of us as sort of a PreK-12 version of that. In fact, INFOhio and OhioLINK are partners, along with OPLIN, in Libraries Connect Ohio. INFOhio doesn’t send books around the state the same way that OhioLINK does, but we do provide library automation, instructional support, and lots of electronic resources to Ohio's PreK-12 community.

All PreK-12 school administrators, teachers, students, and their parents residing in the State of Ohio can use INFOhio. Additionally, Ohio's preservice teachers (education majors at Ohio universities) may use INFOhio. The academic librarians and professors collaborating with Ohio's PreK-12 teachers and school librarians to provide services to the PreK-12 community may use INFOhio as well.

INFOhio provides free tools and resources that are aligned to Ohio's Learning Standards.

Ohio Department of Education and federal funds provide these online resources for all public and nonpublic PreK-12 schools, students, their parents, and educators across Ohio free of charge. The INFOhio Digital Library (the Core Collection) is funded in part through an Institute of Museum and Library Services LSTA grant awarded by the State Library of Ohio to Libraries Connect Ohio, a collaboration of Ohio’s three library networks—INFOhioOhioLINK, and OPLIN—that serve PreK-12, university, and public libraries.

INFOhio provides students, teachers, and parents residing in the State of Ohio with many of the same electronic databases that academic librarians provide to their students (Academic Search Premier, ERIC, Science Online, etc.) and we have similar databases that are appropriate for students in PreK-12. Additionally, we have a large digital video collection. For more information, download our Teach/Learn flyer.

We also have tools specifically for teachers to help them find assignments, assessments, and curriculum aligned to standards. 

Yes. INFOhio provides Ohio schools with free access to subscription resources using a statewide username and password. We’ll share it with you if you use this form to verify that you live in Ohio and are an academic librarian providing services to the PreK-12 community. INFOhio asks that you not publish the username and password in any document that will be posted to the Internet. 

Most of the schools in Ohio have their own district-wide login for INFOhio. If you are providing services to a PreK-12 school without a district username or password, let us know. We’ll help the district get one.

Promoting Academic Library Visits to the PreK-12 Community

If you provide services for PreK-12 students or teachers visiting your academic library, encourage the school librarian and teacher to accompany any visiting PreK-12 students.

Additionally, consider providing the following information in advance:

  • A campus map
  • Parking information
  • Identification required
  • Information about guest access/logging onto computers
  • Information about guest circulation privileges
  • Information about remote returns
  • Cost of copies/printing

Support for Collaboration and Outreach

There are lots of reasons why academic librarians should provide outreach services to the PreK-12 community. Here's what the research says: