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INFOhio MaKit: Promotion

Makerspaces are booming in Ohio libraries. View the information in this guide to learn how to develop your own makerspace.

Marketing Phase

Once you've decided on your plan of action (see the Planning tab), you'll need to market your makerspace to get students involved. Below are flyers and information about requesting donations to get your makerspace filled with materials, editable school announcements to promote your makerspace and to call students to participate in a student advisory board, and editable flyers to help advertise the student advisory board and the new makerspace, as well as your first maker event! 

Donation Recommendations and Flyers

When making, students use a variety of materials and items to create the items from their imaginations. Because these are consumable items, it is best to have a variety of materials on hand and multiples of those materials so that students can further explore with making. Many items used in a makerspace environment are common household items; and in lieu of spending a chunk of your budget on these items, you can ask for donations. 

Ask anyone and everyone for donations! Send the flyer out via email to your whole school staff and the district staff. Post a message with the flyer on any and all school social media accounts (and even your personal accounts). Ask local businesses to post your flyer as well. Send the flyer home with students. 

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School Announcements

School announcements are a great way to reach your entire student body, not just the students who are usually in the library every day. Make sure the message is exciting and brief to gain and keep interest. Use the announcements in school-wide announcements on the intercom or TV, or ask teachers to use in their classroom. 

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Advertisement Flyers

Advertisements are a great way to reach your entire student body. Make sure your flyer/poster is exciting and colorful to gain and keep interest. Use the advertising flyers all over the school and the community - hang in the halls, post the PDF on social media, email to teachers and ask them to hang in their classrooms. Better yet, make copies to put in teacher mailboxes, to give to local businesses to display. 

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