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Educator Guide to ISearch: Teaching with ISearch

This guide provides Ohio PreK-12 educators with information about ISearch integration and instructional support.
  1. Tell students that ISearch is a great place to start your research projects for school because it's full of resources that the library purchases and recommends.
  2. Show students INFOhio's ISearch for Students.
  3. Show students how to get to ISearch on the INFOhio website. Note: Check with your school librarian to see if there is an ISearch button or widget on your school library website.
    1. Log into the INFOhio website with your school's INFOhio username and password. If you are at school, INFOhio may log you in automatically.
    2. You should see the ISearch box on the INFOhio homepage.
  4. Demonstrate a search that uses simple keywords.
  5. Discuss the filters that appear in the left column on every tab of results.
    • Point out the types of sources in the results (Source Type).
    • Point out that students can limit by date, geography, and language.
    • Demonstrate how to filter results to scholarly resources and how to turn off that filter.
    • Point out the subject terms. Tell students that they can narrow their results to those subjects by clicking the links or use the subjects to come up with new search terms to try.
  6. Demonstrate how to access the full text of any article using the View/Download button.
  7. Show students the email and citation tools.

Remind students that research is a process. They will need to try more than one search.

Lessons that use ISearch