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Demonstrating Value and Making Decisions with Data: Home

Collect and use INFOhio use data for your school or district.

Free Tools for Data Visualization

Free Courses for Library Staff

Library staff working in all types of libraries in Ohio have free access to over 500 online, self-paced courses through the State Library of Ohio. Many of these can help you collect and organize your data, create data visualizations, or make decisions based on your data.

School library staff can collect and use data to demonstrate the value of their school library collections and services and to determine how best to allocate funds to give students the tools and resources they need to be successful. Whether you want to provide administrators or your school board with an annual report or share information with parents in a quarterly newsletter, the tools on this page can help you begin to determine where you can collect data and how you can apply that data to tell your library's story.

Webinar Recordings

Recommended Reading

Also see Kathy Schrock's Infographics as a Creative Assessment. Although the site focuses on using infographics as educational tools, librarians can learn about different tools for creating effective infographics.