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INFOhio Blizzard Bags - Grades K-3: Home

Students follow the six dimensions of inquiry as they read, investigate and complete the activities. Ohio's learning standards are integrated into the activities.

How To Access INFOhio Resources

Find the resources used in this unit by going to and clicking the purple PreK-5 button.

Important Password Information: When you are at school, you probably don't need a username or password to log into INFOhio resources. When you are at home, you do. Ask your school librarian or teacher for your district’s username and password, or find it online by completing the questions on the Find My Password page.

Theme: Snow

To start, watch/read the book Snowflake Bentley and the nonfiction book Snow in BookFlix. Find the books quickly by going to ISearch. Type Snowflake Bentley in the search box and click "Search now!" Then click the "INFOhio eBooks" tab. Click "eBook or website" on the Snowflake Bentley entry to open BookFlix where you can read both books. (35-40 minutes)

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