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INFOhio Blizzard Bags - Grades 6-8: Questioning

These modules were developed using a research model involving six dimensions of inquiry: questioning, locating, evaluating, applying, sharing, and reflecting.

Essential Questions



Dreaming of your first car? Saving for a big school trip? To make your dreams reality, you need to build your financial literacy skills. Unlock the answers to these three key questions:

1. How can learning the difference between an need versus a want support a stable financial future?

2. How can learning more about financial literacy help me plan my future career goals?

3. How can I learn to protect my money?

Needs vs. Wants


Watch this short video. Then, complete the Needs vs. Wants activity located in the Activities: Brainstorming, Reflecting, and Questioning box below. 

Activities: Brainstorming, Reflecting, and Questioning

Brainstorming: After watching the video, use the Spending your money wisely template to brainstorm a list of items you need and items you want. (5 minutes) 

  • In the left column, make a list of items you need now and things you will need after graduation. 
  • In the right column, make a list of items you want that you think will make your life easier or better. 

Reflecting: As the video points out, having a watch is a need, it can help you keep track of the time, but a smart watch with the latest technology is a want. (10 minutes)

  • At the bottom of your paper, reflect on the items you included in each column. Select one item from the “Want” column, something you want right now. Write down something you can do that will help you get this item.  

Questioning: Complete the How Much Do You Know About... questionnaire to test your knowledge about personal finance. (10-15 minutes)