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INFOhio Blizzard Bags - Grades 4-5: Questioning

Students follow the six dimensions of inquiry as they read, investigate and complete the activities. Ohio's learning standards are integrated into the activities.

Essential Questions

​Use the KWL chart and write down the questions you would like to answer about Wilson Bentley and snow. You can use these to help you get started.

  • Why did Wilson Bentley want to photograph snow?
  • What did Wilson Bentley use to take pictures of snow?
  • What is snow?
  • How can water and ice exist in the atmosphere?  
  • How does snow form?
  • What conditions are needed for snow to fall to the ground?  
  • What can we learn about snow as we read about, touch, and examine it?
  • What is the composition of a snowflake?
  • How does snow affect the world and the people in it?

KWL Chart

Use a KWL chart to record "What I know" about snow and "What I want to learn" about snow.  In Column 3, write new information you discover under "What I have learned."