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Academic Library Research Visits for High School Students: Home

Make the transition from high school to college easier for your students by giving them the opportunity to practice their research skills in a college library.

Research shows that students have difficulty transitioning from the high school research environment to the academic research environment. According to Learning the Ropes: How Freshmen Conduct Course Research Once They Enter College, many college freshmen are, "intimidated by the plethora of print and online sources their college libraries [offer] and uncertain how to access or use them." Improve the transition for your students by giving them an academic library research experience while they're still in high school.


Many of Ohio's academic libraries have First Year Experience Librarians or Outreach Librarians who will work with high school librarians and teachers to provide Ohio's high school seniors with an introduction to the college research experience. Use the map below to find an academic library near you that offers high school outreach. Click a green place marker to find contact information.

Don't have the time or funding to make the trip to an academic library?

  • Some First Year Experience Librarians or Outreach Librarians will come to you. They can give your students an introduction to the academic library using a combination of INFOhio resources and library-specific information.
  • Many of Ohio's academic libraries permit high school students to use their library resources through individual library visits. Contact the academic librarian nearest you to determine what will best meet your students' needs.
  • Some academic librarians offer workshops specifically for high school teachers and librarians. You and your colleagues can learn about current trends and practices in academic libraries and take that information back to your students.

Prepare your students for rigorous research

A visit to an academic library works best when students are doing research for a real assignment. This gives the academic librarians working with your students an opportunity to take your students through the library research process and demonstrate the use of academic library resources and tools. Introduce your students to the research process using INFOhio's Go! or R4S.

Planning your visit

Review the objectives of your students' research assignment with the academic librarian. Ask if the academic librarian has any suggestions or if any modifications should be made. Academic library visits are most successful when the school librarian, teacher, and academic librarian work together with the students. If the school librarian or teacher is not able to participate in the visit, please be sure that there are enough adults familiar with the assignment to assist students.

Remember to ask the academic librarian the following questions before your visit:

  • Can you send me a campus map?
  • Where should we park?
  • Do we need a parking pass?
  • Do students need to bring an ID?
  • Will my students be able to log onto library computers?
  • Will my students be able to check out any library materials?
  • If students are permitted to check out library materials, where do they need to return them? (While the individual who checks out the materials is ultimately responsible for returning those materials, it's preferable for the teacher or school librarian to facilitate the process.)
  • Should my students bring any money?
  • Will my students be able to make copies?
  • Will my students be able to print?
  • Should my students bring flashdrives?

For academic librarians

If you are an academic librarian at an Ohio university or college and you would like to be included on this guide, please contact Erica Clay.

For additional information on the value of library visits, please see: